domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Room (2010), de Emma Donoghue

This is a well done book. It seemed to me to be a difficult book to write. Room tales the story of three months in the life of a 26 years old girl who had been kidnapped when she was 19 and, since then, is kept confined in a hidden room by his kidnapper. But it is especially the story of her only son, conceived and born during her confinement. The book puts the stress mainly in the relationship between mother and son. They live one for the other.
The child is the narrator of the story. Having a small child as narrator, the author manages to present the tough situation of the mother through the simple and happy eyes of the boy. The reader early learns to translate the childlike speech and understands a lot of things that are not said. That characteristic makes original this book, besides the audacious topic of two people alone for years in a small room.
I've read several books with a boy as narrator and this technique uses to be interesting at the begining but somehow boring after a while. This is not the case. However it is true that the novel loses a bit of its strength as it progresses. Good book. 4/5.

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